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Feral Cat in Montgomery County

MCPAW’s Spay It Forward will be a high visibility, national model campaign that will deliver free spay/neuter and free microchipping service to cats and dogs owned by residents of Montgomery County without regard to income level.    The Spay it Forward (SIF) campaign has the potential to greatly reduce the number of animals entering the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center, reduce the euthanasia rates at the shelter, and increase the number of pets being returned to owners when lost.   Additionally, the campaign will promote innovative approach to zero growth of cat colonies and responsible management of existing colonies.  This campaign is expected to have a direct and measureable benefit to pets and significant cost savings to Montgomery County.  The results, methodology and economics of this campaign will be fully documented to serve as a national pilot project.  


MCPAW is the nonprofit, 501 (c) (3), partner with the Montgomery County Animal Service and Adoption Center.  MCPAW is committed to ensuring that abandoned, lost and abused pets in Montgomery County have the opportunity for a loving, forever home.  MCPAW works to augment programs and services and provide needed equipment and supplies for the benefit of animals in residence at the shelter.   Additionally, MCPAW is committed to addressing the primary reasons that animals end up in shelters.  MCPAW is committed to education as a primary means of effecting change and to being a catalyst for community action for the benefit of animals in MC. 

Why Revolutionary

Spay It Forward will provide microchipping and spay neuter services for pets of residents of MC without income barriers in order to ensure we have market penetration in key target demographics.   We want broad based participation to have this program effective, produce cost savings and be of benefit to all pets.  This is a pioneering and aggressive approach that, to our knowledge, has never been undertaken.  We will be tracking statistics and cost savings and expect to publish results.  

Measuring Results: Economic Impact Study: Robert H. Smith School of Business, UMD

Spay It Forward will measure the economic impact of free spay/neuter and microchipping to Montgomery County.   The Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, has agreed to partner with MCPAW to create an economic impact tool to effectively measure the cost savings to MC.  Via UMD’s Change the World program, business school students will help develop the foundation, parameters and conduct the economic impact case study for MCPAW and Montgomery County.     

Media Partner and Celebrity PSAs 

The SIF campaign will seek media partners to help with promoting the SIF campaign, the benefits of spay/neuter and assist with fundraising.   We are honored to have Charles Mann,  three-time Superbowl Champion and former Washington Redskin,  as our first celebrity spokesperson delivering a message about the importance of spay/neuter and encouraging the community to donate.  We will be producing a series of celebrity PSAs (public service announcements) to help deliver the message to target audiences and solicit broadbased funding.   

Partnership with MC Veterinarians

MCPAW will work to create a coalition of veterinarians to participate.  By participating, vets will augment their customer base, especially if they participate in the community cat phase.  We will compensate vets according to an established rate structure that will factor in the weight of the dog and include insertion of microchip and rabies vaccine.   Other services will be at expense of owner.  

Outdoor and Community Cats 

The community cat issue in MC is cause for concern.  MCPAW is researching a humane response to this issue and it will be incorporated as a part of the Spay It Forward effort. 

Cost Savings, Revenue Generation 

We anticipate by providing free spay/neuter and  free microchipping,  we will significantly reduce the intake number of dogs and cats, kittens and puppies to the shelter , return larger percentages of stray cats and dogs  via on the spot microchip reading and immediate contact of owners for quicker return, and increase compliance on county licensing of pets.   These elements can produce significant cost savings and generate revenue to MC. 

Diversified Community  Support

MCPAW cannot accomplish this effort without significant support from the Montgomery County community.  We will seek support from corporations, local business, foundations, grants, organizations, individual donors and a variety of fundraising initiatives including MCPAW’s Easy  1,2,3 Program and CrowdRise . 

Fundraising…  Easy    1, 2, 3. spay it forward button

Fundraising is never easy, but MCPAW’s plan to engage the MC community in supporting this initiative is as follows:

$1.00 from each MC resident, $2.00 from organizations/associations for each of their members,  $3.00 from business for each employee.   This formula allows the community to support SIF in a highly affordable fashion. 

Funding Goal

MCPAW’s goal is to raise one million dollars over the next 18 months.  All monies raised during the campaign will be spent on spay neuter and microchipping programs. 

Cautionary Note: Funding

MCPAW is launching Spay It Forward with a Community Call to Action to fund the activities outlined under the campaign.  The campaign will be implemented in three specific phases and all depend on securing funding.  

National Demonstration Project

We anticipate that Spay It Forward will serve as a national demonstration project.   It is our hope that by scientifically documenting the benefits and economic impact of providing spay/neuter and microchipping for cats and dogs of residents without regard to income, we can promote a new approach to spay neuter services in communities across the US, address the overpopulation of pets, and scientifically prove free spay neuter and microchipping equates to cost savings and benefits both pets and communities.