Enriching Lives

Our Animal Well-Being program provides food, amenities, shelter and medical care to animals at MCASAC and throughout Montgomery County.

Pet Food Pantry

When a person or family deals with economic hardships, household pets can suffer. Here at MCPAW, we are committed to ensuring no pet goes hungry in Montgomery County. As a part of the Pet Food Pantry, we actively accept donations of pet food and make it available to residents in need. The Pantry is located adjacent to our store within the Adoption Center. In the past year, our program distributed over 20,000 pounds of pet food to residents in need! 


Feed the Ferals

Through Feed the Ferals, MCPAW provides donated cat food to volunteer feral colony managers, and in winter, we distribute donated bales of straw so colony managers can provide shelter and warmth to cats during uncomfortable and dangerous weather conditions.


Amenities & Toys

MCPAW provides MCASAC with necessary amenities to counter the effects of kennel stress and to help maintain the physical and emotional well-being of resident animals while they wait to be adopted, including:

  • Long-lasting chews for daily distribution to dogs to provide mental and physical stimulation;

  • Cat scratchers for cat cages to provide an outlet for stretching and scratching;

  • Kool Kurtains for outdoor runs to provide shade and protection from the elements;

  • Privacy slats for outdoor runs to reduce dog anxiety;

  • Fencing for outdoor dog play areas to allow for socialization and exercise;

  • Calming aids to provide comfort to the animals; and

  • Behavior and training aids to enhance adoptability.


Medical Fund

Through our Veterinary Medical Fund, MCPAW provides the funds necessary for adoptable animals that need specialized life-saving veterinary treatment, such as surgery, that cannot be covered by MCASAC’s budget.

Taking Action in the Community

Through our Community Action programs and participation in many community events, MCPAW educates and engages the public on the humane treatment of animals, responsible pet ownership, the benefits of spay/neuter, and the importance of licensing and micro-chipping pets.

Education & Outreach

We believe that education about animal welfare should start at an early age.  MCPAW Education & Outreach searches for ways to target younger age groups and instill in them a love for animals and a sense of responsibility to treat them humanely.  Some of our youth-related educational activities include speaking to children in local elementary schools and training on the proper care and treatment of animals.  Additional activities include:


SpayItForward Junior Teams

Organizing a SpayItForward Junior Team of high school students…  


Charter Colonies & Classrooms

Launching our Charter Colonies & Classrooms program that pairs middle schools with MCPAW Charter Colonies…


Promoting Adoption

MCPAW actively promotes the adoption of animals within MCASAC.  In addition, MCPAW funds two programs to encourage the adoption of “harder to adopt” animals.  These are senior cats and dogs (age 9 and older) and those with medical conditions.  By offering extra incentives to potential pet owners, MCPAW can help these animals, that are often overlooked, find loving homes.


Loyal Companion Medical Grant for Special Needs Dogs and Cats

Some dogs and cats at MCASAC are known to have abnormal medical conditions that are not life threatening, but may likely require medical treatment soon after being adopted. Fortunately, there are pet adopters in the county who are willing to open their homes and hearts to these special needs animals, and just need some extra help with the cost of treating their new pet that has a pre-existing abnormal condition.

The Loyal Companion Medical Grant for Special Needs Dogs and Cats provides financial assistance up to $500 for Montgomery County residents who have adopted a dog or cat from MCASAC having a pre-existing abnormal medical condition. The grant award will be payable to the licensed veterinarian providing treatment to the adopted pet for the pre-existing condition.


Amber Care
for Dogs

Amber Care is a special program to encourage adoption of special needs dogs over age 7.  The adoption fees are waived.


Purple Care for Cats

Purple Care is a special program to encourage adoption of special needs cats over age 7.  The adoption fees are waived.

Reducing Homeless
and Lost Animals

MCPAW has developed a variety of programs and activities aimed at reducing the number of animals that end up on the streets or in shelters.  We are committed to early intervention and problem solving.

Spay It Forward (SIF)

Our Spay It Forward program provides spay/neuter services for community cats in Montgomery County.  Offered to caretakers who are managing these cat colonies, the SIF program has the potential to greatly reduce the number of animals entering MCASAC and the rate of euthanasia.

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Charter Colonies

Charter Colonies are established by MCPAW for community cats, and are managed and monitored by volunteer colony managers.  Through these “no kitten zones,” MCPAW takes an innovative, humane approach to reduce the number of stray kittens brought to MCASAC each year and ultimately control the feral cat population without needlessly sacrificing the lives of innocent animals.