A Matching Donor!

By now, you know that MCPAW's Veterinary Medical Fund has been severely challenged this year with so many sad medical cases needing our attention. We are presently about $10,000 over budget. But MCPAW has made the commitment to Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center that no animal will be turned away from needed medical attention.

And wouldn't you know it, another case has come into MCASAC who needs MCPAW's help. Meet Seneca, a 15-week-old large mixed breed pup who just melted our hearts. He was seized in a neglect case and upon examination by MCASAC's Medical Director, he was diagnosed with a severe patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) and a mild subaortic stenosis. A PDA is when a large blood vessel fails to close after birth. This causes the blood to bypass the lungs and never get oxygenated when he breaths. Without a very specialized surgery performed by a cardiologist, Seneca would likely go into congestive heart failure and die with in 2-6 weeks based on the severity.

Seneca 3.jpg

How could we possibly say no to this face? Seneca was rushed into surgery immediately and is doing well so far. But MCPAW has a very large bill to pay.

One of MCPAW's major donors has offered to give a challenge gift. If MCPAW can raise $5,000, he will match that with another $5,000. But we only have until the end of August to do it!

Will you help us meet the challenge to raise $5,000 by August 31? Seneca and all of the other pets helped by MCPAW are very grateful for your compassionate support. Donate Now.

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Thank You, Safeway!

Our thanks goes out to Safeway for accepting MCPAW into their Pet Project program. They delivered three pallets of cat and dog food, and kitty litter which will stock MCPAW’s pet food pantry located within MCASAC. And MCPAW also donated half of the cat food and kitty litter to the Montgomery County Community Cat Coalition (MC C3). And special thanks goes out to the team who helped unload and shelve everything!


A Kitty in Need

Meet Cindy Clawford. She’s a stunning, playful little lady who found herself back at MCASAC after her adopters could no longer afford to keep having the adenoma on her face removed. It is a benign tumor that has come back at least twice and will keep growing. If it is not completely removed, it could result in the loss of her eye. MCPAW found out about Cindy’s plight and wants to get her to a specialist ASAP. Veterinary specialists are expensive but MCPAW believes in the value of every life. Our Veterinary Medical Fund has been taxed to the max already this year with all of the dogs with broken legs we have funded. But we cannot say no. Please consider donating for this precious cat. Donate for Cindy Clawford.

Cindy Clawford 1.JPG

Here We Go Again...This is So Tragic

As if four dogs coming into MCASAC in a few months with broken legs wasn’t enough. Now we are faced with yet another one. On Friday morning, MCASAC’s medical director called MCPAW with an emergency situation. A young hound/pit mix had been brought in with a severely mangled leg. He was a stray, found near the railroad tracks. MCASAC named him Ballard. We can only imagine the horrors that this poor dog had been through. Ballard needed immediate surgery. He was in a great deal of pain and time was of the essence. MCASAC contacted all of their regular veterinary hospitals who can perform this kind of specialized surgery and none of them could take Ballard. They found a specialist in Annapolis who could do it but Ballard needed to get there in two hours!!! MCPAW agreed to fund the very expensive surgery and had to place a large deposit on it - $3500 - before the surgery could be performed. As you may know, MCPAW never says no to an animal in need. But now we need to raise the money to help pay for it. It is only July, and MCPAW’s Veterinary Medical Fund has already been stressed to the max.

Please consider a donation to the Veterinary Medical Fund so that we can help more pets like Ballard. We hear that he did well in the surgery and was even putting weight on the leg. But recovery will take several weeks.

Thank you for your support and caring for the animals.

Ballard 2 7-15-19.JPG

Yes, a Fourth Broken Leg

MCPAW's Veterinary Medical Fund has paid for the surgeries of three dogs with broken legs so far this year, and these expenses have depleted our reserves. Of course, wouldn't you know it - another dog has come into Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center with a broken leg! Poor little Sherlock, a 2-year-old Bichon Frise mix, was attacked by another dog. His owners could not afford his medical care, so they surrendered him to MCASAC.

MCPAW has made a pledge to MCASAC that no animal in need will go without care. And who can say no to this face?! Donate online at www.mcpaw.org/take-action-1

Sherlock After Surgery 1.JPG

Another Broken Leg??


What are the odds? A dog came into MCASAC in January with a broken leg (Dumpling), then another arrived in February (Sunflower). Now it’s March, and yet another young dog arrived with a broken leg. Meet Lexi, a 10-month-old German Shepherd mix. She came to MCASAC as a stray and she has a very nasty break to her hind leg. The veterinarians at MCASAC are hoping that it can be repaired but there’s a possibility that her leg may need to be amputated. We at MCPAW believe that no animal will go unserved, and we’re sure you agree with us. We have approved payment for her surgery, no matter what it will entail and the cost. A young girl like Lexi will recover and have a long life in front of her. We are dedicated to make that happen for her.

We are hoping that this trend of dogs arriving at MCASAC with broken legs stops here.

MCPAW thanks you for being our partners and supporters to ensure that the homeless pets at MCASAC are treated like they are our own – only the best care will do.

Thank you for your continued caring. Donate online to help Lexi.

And One More...


Just last month, we told you about Dumpling, a dog who came into MCASAC with a broken leg after getting hit by a car. Well here we go again…. Poor Sunflower also was a stray who has arrived at MCASAC with a broken front leg after a suspected run in with a car. MCPAW has agreed to fund the surgery to have the leg repaired. Sunflower is young, less than a year old, and deserves this chance to live a painfree, happy life. We need over $1,500 to pay for the surgery, but we have already authorized MCASAC to move forward with the surgery. Won’t you consider donating to help us raise the funds? Please go to our donation page: http://www.mcpaw.org/take-action-1


Safeway Food Donation 2-5-19.JPG

MCPAW (Montgomery County Partners for Animal Well-Being) and Safeway have partnered to help federal employees impacted by the government shutdown. When MCPAW’s Executive Director, Chris Shaughness, learned about the impacts to federal employees during the government shutdown, she immediately reached out to Safeway for help with stocking MCPAW’s free pet food pantry.  

“Safeway chose MCPAW last year as a recipient of their Pet Project, donating several pallets of food for our free pet food pantry. I immediately knew that they would again help us out. Safeway has been such a great supporter of our mission to help the animals of Montgomery County,” said Ms. Shaughness. 

MCPAW offers a free pet food pantry, located within the Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center (MCASAC) in Derwood, year-round to residents of Montgomery County. But the demand for pet food has increased since the government shut down began. Many federal employees reside in Montgomery County, and some need help with feeding their pets until they can once again receive a paycheck.

Safeway generously donated over 160 bags of cat and dog food to MCPAW. According to Beth Goldberg, Safeway’s Eastern Division Sr. Manager of Community & Public Affairs,

“MCPAW is a valued partner. We appreciate the services that they provide to the community and their pets, and we’re pleased to be able to support them.”

Federal employees residing in Montgomery County can come to MCASAC during their regular hours (Noon – 7:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday; Noon – 5:00pm Friday – Sunday) to pick up food. Federal employee identification will be required to receive aid, and we request that you only take no more than a month’s supply.

MCPAW is the nonprofit, fundraising partner for the Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center. MCPAW does not receive government funding and relies solely on donations. MCPAW’s mission is to provide resources and support to benefit the animals in residence at MCASAC, work to identify and influence the main reasons that animals end up in shelters, and assist residents affected by animals in Montgomery County.

Help a Dog in Need


MCPAW has made a pledge to MCASAC that no animal in need will go without care. So when we heard about Dumpling, of course MCPAW jumped right into action! Dumpling arrived at MCASAC as a stray who appeared to have been hit by a car. Luckily, his injuries were not severe but the veterinary examination uncovered serious hip problems. Since Dumpling is still young, only about 5 years old, and very, very sweet, we agreed that corrective surgery must be done immediately for Dumpling. Dumpling had the surgery and is now recovering with physical therapy, but the cost was more than we expected - $2,050.

Who can say no to this face?! Please donate for his care: http://www.mcpaw.org/take-action-1