I Want to Run Again!


Sweet Cherry Bomb (yes, that's her name!) came to the Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center as a stray. The staff immediately observed that she wasn't putting weight on her rear leg and did an xray. It showed that she has a fracture of the distal right femur (thigh). 

Cherry Bomb would love to be running around and having a good time, but it's tough when one leg is broken. She is estimated to be about 8 years old and has a lot of life left to live. MCPAW wants to be sure she gets that chance. Cherry Bomb is a happy and loving girl who deserves to be loved and doted on.

Sadly, this kind of leg fracture is complicated and we won't know if it can be treated or if the leg needs to be amputated until the surgeon sees her. We estimate the cost to be $1500. Cherry Bomb is worth it. Don't you think so too?

All donations from now until December 18 will go into MCPAW's Veterinary Medical Fund for Cherry Bomb's treatment. Donate here.