Welcome to MCPAW’s new website, thanks to the creative team at August, Lang & Husak! And thank you to my predecessor, Karen Gerken, for working with them to make this happen. I am the new Executive Director as of December 1, and am so pleased to be a part of MCPAW. This organization does so much unsung work behind the scenes for the animals and people of Montgomery County. Our dedicated board of directors works tirelessly to spread the word about MCPAW and our mission, and to engage others with our work.

MCPAW is the fundraising partner for the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center (MCASAC). Because they are run by the government, they cannot solicit monetary donations. That’s where MCPAW comes in! MCASAC has a limited budget which only covers basic care for the animals. Should an animal require care over and above routine care, MCASAC turns to MCPAW for support. Last year, MCPAW funded over $13,000 in veterinary expenses for pets at MCASAC. That’s just a small part of what MCPAW is all about. Please look through the website to learn the other ways MCPAW makes an impact for the animals.

Thank you for your support!

Chris Shaughness, Executive Director, MCPAW