Veterinary Medical Fund Pet of the Month: Sarah

Did you see the article in The Washington Post recently about how more and more people are adopting senior dogs? We at MCPAW love to see this! But senior pets often have health issues that may require costly treatment. There is a senior dog at MCASAC who needs us now. Say hello to Sarah. 


Sarah came to MCASAC as a stray in December. The staff immediately fell in love with her when they saw how playful and happy she is. She loves her toys! Despite her age, about 10 years old, Sarah has so much life left. 

A physical exam showed that Sarah has a couple of issues: a possible torn cruciate ligament in her rear leg and hip dysplasia in the other leg. These issues are causing her pain, discomfort, and limiting her ability to live life to its fullest. MCASAC's veterinarian has contacted a specialist about doing surgery on Sarah. It is recommended that she get the surgery on the torn ligament first, allow for that to recover, then repair the hip dysplasia.

But these expensive surgeries will require funds beyond MCASAC's limited budget. That's where MCPAW comes in. We care so much about Sarah and other pets who need special attention. We know you care too. That's why we created the Veterinary Medical Fund.

So, come on, let's do it! Let's get Sarah the surgery she needs to be able to run and play again. 

Click here to donate to the Veterinary Medical Fund and help Sarah and other pets like her!