It May Be a New Year But...

...the animals keep on coming in who need our help. A new year is meaningless to an animal in need. 

And so it continues. MCPAW received word of a dog at the Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center named Hickory. A young Boxer mix, Hickory came in as a stray with unknown history. It was immediately noted that he was having trouble urinating. Upon exam, it appears he may have had some sort of trauma that caused a testicular adhesion and a urethral stricture. The adhesion was repaired when he was neutered but he requires further surgery to relieve the urethral stricture. What is recommended is a scrotal urethrostomy. Sounds terrible, poor guy! But it can't be worse than not being able to urinate.

MCPAW wants to help Hickory get this needed surgery. Can we count on you to help us help him? All donations from now until January 31 will go into MCPAW's Veterinary Medical Fund for Hickory's surgery. Go to to donate. Thank you for helping Hickory!