Helping a Cat with Diabetes-Related Eye Issues

Callie Before.jpg

It's not just humans who can develop diabetes. Our companion pets can have it too, and it's more common than most people realize. That's what happened to poor Callie the cat. She came into MCASAC as an owner surrender with no reason why they didn't want her. The veterinary exam discovered that she had diabetes, and also was having diabetes-related issues with her eyes. One eye needed to be immediately removed. At just 5 years old, Callie has a long life to live.

In hopes of saving the other eye, MCASAC has asked MCPAW to help pay for Callie's visit and treatment by a veterinary ophthalmologist. Of course, we could not say no!! Will you pitch in to help us to ensure she gets all of the best treatment as possible? 

Callie had beautiful green eyes before she got sick. Let's give this still-young, always beautiful girl a better chance at retaining her remaining sight. Thank you for caring! GIVE NOW FOR CALLIE