Another Broken Leg??


What are the odds? A dog came into MCASAC in January with a broken leg (Dumpling), then another arrived in February (Sunflower). Now it’s March, and yet another young dog arrived with a broken leg. Meet Lexi, a 10-month-old German Shepherd mix. She came to MCASAC as a stray and she has a very nasty break to her hind leg. The veterinarians at MCASAC are hoping that it can be repaired but there’s a possibility that her leg may need to be amputated. We at MCPAW believe that no animal will go unserved, and we’re sure you agree with us. We have approved payment for her surgery, no matter what it will entail and the cost. A young girl like Lexi will recover and have a long life in front of her. We are dedicated to make that happen for her.

We are hoping that this trend of dogs arriving at MCASAC with broken legs stops here.

MCPAW thanks you for being our partners and supporters to ensure that the homeless pets at MCASAC are treated like they are our own – only the best care will do.

Thank you for your continued caring. Donate online to help Lexi.