Here We Go Again...This is So Tragic

As if four dogs coming into MCASAC in a few months with broken legs wasn’t enough. Now we are faced with yet another one. On Friday morning, MCASAC’s medical director called MCPAW with an emergency situation. A young hound/pit mix had been brought in with a severely mangled leg. He was a stray, found near the railroad tracks. MCASAC named him Ballard. We can only imagine the horrors that this poor dog had been through. Ballard needed immediate surgery. He was in a great deal of pain and time was of the essence. MCASAC contacted all of their regular veterinary hospitals who can perform this kind of specialized surgery and none of them could take Ballard. They found a specialist in Annapolis who could do it but Ballard needed to get there in two hours!!! MCPAW agreed to fund the very expensive surgery and had to place a large deposit on it - $3500 - before the surgery could be performed. As you may know, MCPAW never says no to an animal in need. But now we need to raise the money to help pay for it. It is only July, and MCPAW’s Veterinary Medical Fund has already been stressed to the max.

Please consider a donation to the Veterinary Medical Fund so that we can help more pets like Ballard. We hear that he did well in the surgery and was even putting weight on the leg. But recovery will take several weeks.

Thank you for your support and caring for the animals.

Ballard 2 7-15-19.JPG