Help Jeff to Go 4-Wheeling!

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Poor little 10-year-old Jeff has not had an easy life. He came to the Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center (MCASAC) as a cruelty case. He had a broken leg which needed to be amputated. But that didn't stop him! He quickly got adopted. But life continued to be cruel. Jeff was found not too much later, abandoned in a cat carrier. Unfortunately, his adopter cannot be found. Now Jeff's back at MCASAC. He received a thorough veterinary exam and it showed that Jeff's other back leg has severe arthritis. It's very difficult for him to walk without pain. Jeff is a staff and volunteer favorite. He keeps his sweet demeanor through all of this sadness. MCPAW would like to make Jeff's life easier. We would like to help purchase a 4-wheel cart so that he doesn't have to walk at all. Will you help us? We can't resist this face. Can you? Please consider donating so that Jeff can get a his wheels!  Donate here.

I Want to Run Again!


Sweet Cherry Bomb (yes, that's her name!) came to the Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center as a stray. The staff immediately observed that she wasn't putting weight on her rear leg and did an xray. It showed that she has a fracture of the distal right femur (thigh). 

Cherry Bomb would love to be running around and having a good time, but it's tough when one leg is broken. She is estimated to be about 8 years old and has a lot of life left to live. MCPAW wants to be sure she gets that chance. Cherry Bomb is a happy and loving girl who deserves to be loved and doted on.

Sadly, this kind of leg fracture is complicated and we won't know if it can be treated or if the leg needs to be amputated until the surgeon sees her. We estimate the cost to be $1500. Cherry Bomb is worth it. Don't you think so too?

All donations from now until December 18 will go into MCPAW's Veterinary Medical Fund for Cherry Bomb's treatment. Donate here.

Giving Tuesday - November 28

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First there was Black Friday, then came Cyber Monday, now there is Giving Tuesday, one of the biggest fundraising days of the year. MCPAW is signed up to participate, and we are counting on you to help us reach our goal! This year, MCPAW has a goal of raising $5,000 to fund our Spay It Forward program. Spay It Forward provides spay/neuter services for community cats in Montgomery County.

Offered to caretakers who are managing these cat colonies, the program has the potential to greatly reduce the number of animals entering local shelters and the rate of euthanasia. Over the past year, MCPAW funded the spay and neuter of 440 cats!

Just $40 pays for a neuter surgery and $60 pays for a spay surgery. Both includes rabies vaccine, eartipping, and microchip.

How about challenging your friends to match your gift? If you give $5, find 8 friends to also give $5, then that pays for a neuter surgery! Of course, if you want to give more, we can pay for more surgeries!

Just about every week, MCPAW receives messages that more community cats have been found and need help. The numbers in our county are staggering. But MCPAW cannot help without your help. Please support our efforts to end the continuous breeding of unspayed/unneutered community cats by giving on Giving Tuesday. Thank you for caring about the animals.

Donate on November 28 at

Thank You to All

The staff and board of MCPAW wishes to thank everyone who attended, volunteered, sponsored, donated auction items, and helped plan the MCPAW Party held on October 20. It was a huge success! Over 150 people, many with their dogs, came to the Bolger Center in Potomac to support MCPAW as we help the homeless animals of Montgomery County. We will be doing it again next year!


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Can You Imagine Life When It's Too Painful to Eat?

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We can't, and we know you wouldn't want to see any animal go through that either. Let us introduce you to Elsa. 

She is a 1-2 year-old, spayed female domestic shorthair. She is playful, smart, independent yet very loving, and may we add, a staff favorite! She has a condition called stomatitis, a severe inflammation of the gums which makes it very painful and difficult for her to eat. She was adopted and brought back when her adopters discovered that it would cost nearly $2000 to treat her condition.

We here at MCPAW believe she deserves to live a happy, pain free life. Any chance we can give her to get adopted is worth it.

Don't you think so too? All donations from now until October 1 will go into MCPAW's Veterinary Medical Fund for Elsa's treatment.

Donate Now

The 1st Annual MCPAW Party - THE Event in MontCo!

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Most of us dog lovers hate to leave our dogs at home when we go out. Now's your chance to bring your dog to the hottest event happening this fall in Montgomery County! Please join us at the 1st Annual MCPAW Party on October 20 at 6pm at the lovely Bolger Center in Potomac, MD. 

Attendees are encouraged to dress to impress, and that includes your dogs! Black tie is optional for all! 

The event will include a full evening of food and fun. A full course dinner with wine service, appetizers and open bar, silent and live auctions, special guests, and more. Stay tuned for details of the auction items but we're hearing rumors of Redskins memorabilia, weekend packages at the Four Seasons, gift certificates, and so much more.

We look forward to seeing you and your dogs! Purchase tickets here.

Will You Help Cassie?

Cassie is an active, fun-loving 6-year-old Shepherd mix who was surrendered by her owner (by no fault of Cassie's) to the Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center (MCASAC).  It was not hard to miss the large mass on her back leg. But it won't stop Cassie from being happy and deserving of a loving home, that is, if MCPAW has any say in it!

The veterinarian at MCASAC tested the mass and found that it's a malignant growth called mast cell. That's the sad news. The good news is that surgery on mast cell tumors has a high rate of success! 

That's where MCPAW comes in. We have committed to MCASAC and Cassie that we will raise the funds to pay for this important surgery.

We care so much about Cassie and other pets who need special attention. We know you care too. That's why we created the Veterinary Medical Fund.

Right now, you can double your generous gift to the fund. MCPAW has found a donor who also believes Cassie deserves a chance and has committed to match donations to get Cassie's surgery. When you donate, your contribution will be doubled.

Not convinced yet? Let us tell you more about Cassie. She is a little bit shy with new people, but once she gets to know you, she loves attention, plays with toys, and enjoys being petted. She loves going for walks and is good on the leash, and also likes car rides! She is looking for a quiet home with no children. 

So, come on, let's do it! Let's get Cassie the surgery that will save her life.

Donate Now



Volunteers make nonprofit organizations possible. Do you have a few extra hours each month to help MCPAW? We are always being invited to community events to set up a table with our information, so many that we can't keep up with them! If you love animals and want to be instrumental in spreading the word on ways to help them, drop us a line. Send an email to and we will arrange to meet and train you. Many thanks to all who give their time to MCPAW and other organizations that do good.

Keeping Cats Happy

Cats in shelters often can be overlooked for various reasons. Well MCPAW just won't allow that to happen! We know that cats need just as much love and enrichment as dogs while they await their forever homes. So we are hoping our generous supporters will help us purchase some items for the cats at the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center (MCASAC). 

A monetary donation will fund a comfy bed, a scratching pad, or even some tasty treats for the cats. And if you know cat behavior, you understand that they love high places. A donation of $250 allows us to purchase a nine-tier Kuranda cat tower! And what cat doesn't like to scratch? Just $15 will buy two cat scratch boxes to help pass the day away. 

Thank you for thinking of the homeless cats and for your generosity. Donate here.